Sugar – April, 2014

Sugar found her fur-ever home with Lea & Ron R., and her NCBR alum brother, Dude.

“Sugar and Dude (our first NCBR alum) took turn helping us drive home, sticking their faces out the window and entertaining everyone else on the freeway until they both finally had to take a nap. We knew we were off to a good start when the people stuck in traffic with us would break out into a smile when we pulled up next to them.

“Sugar is settling in and getting to know our family and neighbors especially the neighborhood kids. The kids are so excited to have two dogs to play with when I come home from our evening walk. You can hear the shouts of Duuuude! from down the block. The younger kids all want to know why she has two different colored eyes and then tell me how cool they think it is.

“We had no idea how many toys could be used to play tug-of-war. Ropes, squeaky snakes, stuff-less flamingos (RIP) and rawhide bones to name a few. Although Sugar ha s figured out that if she gentle enough, Dude will hold one end of the bone in his mouth and she can chew on the other end. No need to tug; just let the big guy hold it for her.

“Sugar Pie, Sugar Baby, Sweetness, Piglet. No one can resist Sugar gleeful grunts, generous kisses, sweet smile, Boxer under bite or the way she rests her chin on your leg, arm or foot, whatever is closest to her face. Sugar is a wonderful addition to our home. She and Dude are having a good time playing and hanging out and we’re having a great time watching them both.

“Thank you to all of the NCBR volunteers and partners who have invested their time and love in this program.