Archer – October, 2016

Archer found his fur-ever home with the Cristin and Dave S.!

“We couldn’t possibly be happier or have our hearts more full! We are so excited and just absolutely loving Archer! He is seriously the perfect dog for us! He cried for a minute when Kaitlyn left and that broke my heart, but we all went for a walk together and then played and played. He’s adjusted to us extremely well. We jokingly called him “the doctor” because he did his rounds and checked in with each of us, getting love everywhere he went. We are each feeling like his “favorite” so he gives and accepts love completely. He hugs each of us and oh gosh, we just love that. Trying to get a photo last night was not easy because he’s always on the move. We all went to bed last night and he did extremely well. He slept with us for a while and then slept on a blanket on the carpet next to my side of the bed. Archer and Dave got up early and went for a walk in the morning. When I got up, he did the perfect wiggle butt of excitement and completely made my day. Our hearts are happy again. Thank you so much!”

~ Cristin & Dave