Eva – September, 2008

Adopting Eva was a great experience. It was easy to tell that NCBR takes great care in placing each dog. I have been spreading the word about adoption because it was a great experience and it feels wonderful to know we are helping a dog in need and in return we get this wonderful soul and lots of kisses. We are definitely still bonding with her and learning about her every day. Our biggest challenge will be to leave her at home by herself. In the mean time, she is happy as can be, chasing the squirrels and laying on her bed while we watch tv at night. She is super cute in the morning when she gets up; she is so happy we are up but she’s got to get two or three stretches in before she comes wagging her tail to greet us. The last week has been a wonderful experience for us and we are so happy to have Eva as a part of our home. She seems to like it here too.

I will keep you updated on how she is doing and settling in our home. Thank you for everything. It has been great working with you in adopting Eva.