Leroy – October, 2008

Happy New Year to you! We had a great Holiday season. Leroy LOVED Thanksgiving and Christmas at my folks house with all 9 of my nieces and nephews playing with him, and subsequently giving he & Lola all the food they didn’t want to eat under the table. He sits patiently and quietly while my 2 yr old niece tries to catch his wagging nubbins in her tiny hands…it’s hysterical to watch!

I finally got him to go “down ” on command…it took time and some homemade Mac & cheese, but we did it! he goes down like a champ now! next will be shake….that’s not coming along very well, but we’re working on it!

He has become a champion walker, and does all of the walks around my neighborhood off leash. He never strays for minute, except to cozy up to bush to relieve himself. His sister Lola on the other hand cannot be trusted for a second off leash…but he listens, and comes every single time. I think Lola’s jealous, but she just gets too far away and doesn’t have a great recall, so I won’t risk it.

This morning we went for our first winter hike. There are sooo many trials near my house, that I try to get the dogs into the woods at least twice a month. Today we went up to Harmony Ridge past Nevada City, there was still a good bit of snow left on the ground, and it was clear that this was the first time Leroy has seen the white stuff. He was precious….didn’t quite like it at first, and then got used to it, but definitely prefers the dry ground to sinking in the snow.

But boy did he love all the smells to be had up there, and was particularly intrigued by the bear scat we came across…..oh to be a dog, and find joy in such things!

The photos attached are of the 2 kids this morning on Harmony Ridge, Leroy with one of his favorite toys a squeaky saxophone, and he & Lola enjoying the warm winter sun in the back yard yesterday.

Melinda, Leroy and Lola