Moses – February, 2015

Moses found his fur-ever home with Todd & Lindsay M. and they sent us this update:

“Moses came to us just before Christmas. He was jarringly thin, had fresh sutures from having a number of growths removed and had an eye issue. It was evident, however, from the moment we took him in he had never lost his spirit to live and to love. He just needed the right family to return the love.

“We are so excited to have him fur-ever. He has fit in seamlessly with our family. The first thing he did when we picked him up from the vet was to give us a big kiss. We were instantly hooked.

“He loves wrestling and playing with his new fur-brother, Harold (even though it makes his momma nervous). They love to snuggle and take naps together. Moses has even staked out his spot on the couch and the bed.

“This old man has got spirit. We look forward to many fun years with our Moses.”

Two Year Update:

“December 23rd is offically Moses day in our home. December 23rd, 2014 is the day we picked up Moses from the vet. We have now had our boy for 2 years and we couldn’t be happier.

“Moses came to us woefully and painfully skinny. He had an eye issue and had several lesions removed. He was a mess. However, he had these soulful eyes that just screamed “I have all this love to give but no one to give it to”.

“We told Moses that day we didn’t know what happened in his 1st chapter of his life but that chapter is forever over. His second chapter we made a vow to him. He would have 3 square meals a day, a couch to lay one, a fur-brother to play with, a warm bed to always sleep in and all of the love in in the world.

“I am happy to say today Moses is a healthy weight, loves to play with his fur-brother Harold and lounge around on the couch. He has his own red ball which is all his (he let’s Harold play with it occasionally). The only thing he loves more than having his belly rubbed is his mama. He is a total and complete mama’s boy.

“We always said we couldn’t imagine our lives without Harold and now we can’t imagine it without Moses.

“When looking for adoptions please don’t overlook the senior boys and girls. They have so much love to give. They are precious.

“December 23rd will always and forever be Moses day in our family.”

~ Todd & Lindsay M.

Four Year Update

“December 23rd is Moses day! We brought him home 4 years ago today.

“His official name was Mr. Moses Malone McCauley but he was promoted to Captain Moses Malone McCauley this year because he lost an eye due to a tumor and became a pirate.

“He has been just the best dog and it has been an awesome 4 years with our boy!”