Sara – April, 2010

Sara found her fur-ever home with Jim & Yana H.

“Thank you more than Jim and I can express for sweet Sara! She is such a doll and total love bug! We laughed all weekend at her silly antics! She has been perfect since bringing her home! She and Axel play constantly. When she finally collapses for a power nap, Axel instantly crashes. She is up a few minutes later for more! I love her expressive ears. She looks so silly when she has one forward and the other backward! She is such a goofball!
I took her out in the garden and she was such a joyful companion! Loves checking out every square inch of the yard! She cracked me up when a branch brushed her head and she jumped straight up trying to attack it! I see much laughter in our future with her.
When it is bedtime, she snuggles in with us and Axel and does not make a peep all night. Talk about a bed full of boxers!

“Thank you for all you do for boxers and families everywhere. Sara has made our family and home complete!”

Boxer hugs,