Sassy – February, 2010

Sassy found her fur-ever home with Teresa & Randy.

“Hi Godmother, Thought I would tell you about my day. I was curled in a ball before we gotto Marshall Street and by the time we hit Sunrise, I was asleep with my headon my mom’s soft belly. We stopped and got me a new water bowl and dinnerdish, tag collar and pillow when I nap in front of the pellet stove. Then wepicked up some treats made out of sweet potato, and I had one while we satat a picnic table so I could do my business. Then it was back in the car. I slept on the new pillow with my head on mom’slap and slept for 1 hour on the way home. Man, the ride up Fiddletown was like a carnival ride. Then we pulled into the driveway. I could have cared less, I wanted to go inside and check it out. The house smelled funny tho,there haven’t been any dogs there for a very long time so hopefully it will smell better soon. Then I took a short nap and outside we went. I don’t think I will ever have enough tinkle to mark this yard as mine, but I gave it a shot. Mom and dad just keep walking around with silly grins on their faces, weird,huh. I am gonna have my dinner shortly. Hope it’s the same good food you always gave me. Thank you for all your love, kindness and patience that you showed me while I stayed with you and your family. My mom and dad are so overwhelmed by how you took care of me that they are really considering in the future to become some part of the rescue group because of how much love you have shown me. Please give Katie and Spikey a rub from me. I will bark at you soon. Love, Sassy
Dear Karen,Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are so happy with Sassy. She isso absolutely sweet and well mannered. You can tell that she received tonsof love with you. It’s almost like she has been with us for a long time already. We are really looking forward to the joy that she will bring us andhopefully she will continue being happy with us too. It was an honor to seehow committed you are because the love just radiated from you. I promise tokeep in touch and hope that you will do the same. I promise we will not disappoint you and we will be the most loving parents that you could find for our little Sassy. Please take care and keep in touch as we will too.”

Teresa and Randy