Sully – June, 2013

Sully came to Nyki, January of 2012, a family had surrendered him to NorCal Boxer Rescue. How could anyone have given up such a sweet guy? Instead of growing old with his family, he was out looking for a new home, where someone wouldn’t care about how old and gray he had become. It just so happened that Nyki had lost her boy, Joe Boxer, a month before, and Nyki was going through one of the hardest times of her life. Well, along came Sully, who kinda looked like Joe, minus the tongue of course, he loved everyone he met, just like Joe, and he had a big happy go lucky personality, just like Joe…with all that, here came… Super Sully to the rescue! He helped Nyki and Maya fill that big hole in their life, left by the loss of Joe.

Nyki told everyone she was fostering Sully, but we all knew he was here to stay. Maya welcomed him to the family with open paws. Nyki and Maya showed ole’ Sully a good time, the doggy playground of Pt. Isabell, and the snow of Lake Tahoe, the beach at the Albany Bulb, the trails in the hills of Oakland, and the Pointer Farm in Healdsburg, he went everywhere with them, and loved every minute! Most of all, Sully loved people, he wanted to meet every single person he passed, even forgoing treats for a pat on the head instead. Eventually, it got harder and harder for Sully to walk, and do what he enjoyed most… Sully lost to his battle with Degenerative Myopathy, which took away his
ability to walk but not his ability to smile or his joyful personality. It was with great sadness that Nyki decided to let him pass with the dignity he deserved on Friday, June 14. He was surrounded by his closest friends that day so he could start his journey to the Rainbow Bridge, where Joe Boxer is waiting on the other side, soccer ball in his mouth, ready to play with Sully. Nyki wanted to say that even though she only had a year and a half with Sully, she will miss and love him for a lifetime more…