Annie – July, 2017


“Annie was rescued by NCBR in 2012, spent some time at two foster homes and found her forever home in July 2012. On july 28th, 2017, without prior symptoms, Annie unexpectedly passed away. Annie was found to have a large tumor around her spleen which had ruptured. Given the odds and complications, there were no good choices. She wasn’t much over 7 years old.

“As those who knew her well would agree, Annie was the sweetest dog who lead a simple happy life. She loved the people she knew well, she loved her toys, loved the water sprinklers/hose, digging holes, playing with the occasional bird feather which turned up, her dental greenies (her eyes would get big when she’d see them), and sunbathing with her dog friends. She would get wound up at certain things on walks (including the cows at Mt Burdell), but she also really wanted to please and loved getting treats on her walks.

“Annie was the type of dog you learn a lot from and are happy to adapt things for. A very special dog that I was lucky to meet.”

~ Lauren D.