Bacchus – October, 2018


A little about me:

• I was named after the God of Wine – but mom says it’s really about my only fault (not that I agree it’s a fault – more charming than a fault), is that I whine … hence the God of Whine

• I was once on the cover for NorCal Boxer Rescue – having been saved + adopted through NCBR I owe them the great life I have had.

• I am also featured in the office of my vet, South Davis Veterinary Center thanks to Purple Pet Photography, Dr. Yackey + Dr. Bradley

• I also have appeared as the image on-line for BoxerSportyFacts

• There is a web site when you can even purchase an image of me to hang on your wall.


I don’t want to say goodbye to my brother Oscar + my human mom. They both love me and I know I have had a really great life, and it’s much sooner than I want or they want, but you see my body (that beautiful body) is failing me. After my last visit to Wag in October 2017 and too much play, I came home in great pain. I couldn’t sit or lie down. My mom took me to SDVC and Dr. Collins x-rayed me and they said I have bone loss in my spine, arthritis, trauma to my pelvic area (mom says there’s a scare on one of my hind quarters and she always wondered what happened), then they also found I have a BB in me. It’s apparently been there for years. Seems something called neurological causing weakness + my dragging my hind leg … my mom tried everything, meds, supplements, changed my food, reduced my walks (I really miss that), even something called acupuncture, herbs and more meds. Each day it’s harder to stand and it started dragging my paw (mom bought booties for me to keep from hurting my paws), they are funny, but give me traction to stand. First it was one leg, now both are failing and I’m having accidents (I don’t want to do that) I’m so tired. I can’t play and mom tries to keep my spirits up by putting on my leash and taking me to the drive way and back. The last few months it’s been sitting on my bed in the driveway with mom. We sit there each day for about 30 – 45 minutes. I like it because I get to see people and activity, but it’s not the same.

Mom says when its time Dr Collin or Dr Yackey will come to the house. I get to be with her and Oscar to say goodbye. I wish I could stay longer, but my purpose must be done. Mom also says it won’t hurt, but saying goodbye hurts, she says I’ll go to sleep. I get to be at home with her and Oscar and I’ll be able to run again like I did for so long.


How do you say goodbye to such an incredible dog who so full of life, love, silliness, charm and beauty. I love you Bacchus with every fiber of my being. Your brother Oscar is so missing you. All those years spent together. You both saved me during some of the darkest time. You were my friends, companion, confident and there when I cried and always ready to cheer me up.

From the day you arrived as a foster, I fell in love with you. Having four boxers already and taking on a fifth seemed crazy – it was. But Marley + Geneva were both so sick, Honey was older then and Oscar and you just got along so well, it was such an easy decision for me to add you to the mix. You came with the name Yankee – but that just wouldn’t do for such a great dog. I also knew I needed to persuade my husband so I could keep you. So being a wine geek, the name Bacchus came to me. And hence you became my Bacchus – Bacchi-boy, affectionately Pickles Couture. You loved your crate – even when fostering other boxers after you came, you always wanted to be in it. Walking you people would stop and ask if you were a show dog. You had such a regal walk and stance.

From playing with Honey who adored you, sitting on Oscar most of time as your pillow or bed, getting time outs at Wag when there during spring break for humping (I reminded them it was spring break), funny, silly, loyal, tolerant and loving.

I will miss your sweet beautiful silly face.

Run free – look for Honey, Marley, Geneva and all my earlier kiddos; Mudbone, Tara and Davis, Tazz + Tigger. I’ll meet you at the bridge.

Love, Janet