Cassi – February, 2010

To everyone at NCBR-

This is such a hard day for our family….. Today Little Miss Cassi (AKA Rosa) moved on to the rainbow bridge. The poor little thing was diagnosed with extremely aggressive cancer back in December, but pushed through for almost two more months…. She had a heart of gold, and a will to live I have never seen! This was one of the hardest decisions to make, as right up to the end she followed me around with those big brown eyes and her constantly wagging tail…. Wow, I never knew how much I could love a dog I only had for such a short time. Her last 3 months were spent with us in a nice warm bed, a fun house, where she was totally spoiled and she totally belonged… even Mike (our big silly boy) loved her to death and slept with her every night in the same bed, at the foot of our bed… so cute!!!! The one thing that got me through today was knowing that without NCBR, and our family, little Cassi would never have know any love what so ever. I was able to hold her and show her love until the very end. I know she is happy now, and with all the other doggie angels that have gone before her… Still, a pretty tough day…. I am a better person for having been able to love and care for Cassi, a little dog no one wanted…. Cassi, we love you, and you will be missed by your family!!!!

~ Ryan