Cleotus – August, 2011

Cleotus (aka Timothy NCBR name) was a gentle giant. We will remember with fondness how he chose us as his forever family. We had just pulled up to his foster familys house and opened our car door when he got into our car and settled in the back seat. Initially, we were not even sure he was the foster dog we were supposed to meet, but we decided very quickly that we would adopt him because he chose us. From there, we also adopted Pearl (aka Merlot NCBR name) because she was picked up with him and they were a bonded pair. We will miss his happy growls as we would get ready for a walk or car ride, his reminders on Saturday mornings when it was time to get in the car and get coffee, and leisurely walks to see what had changed in the neighborhood. Later in his life, Cleotus adopted a foster boxer temporarily in our care and made sure we made this dog, Bodus (aka Bode NCBR name), a part of the family. Cleotus will always hold a special place in our hearts.