Clyde – May, 2018


“Clyde was already an older guy when he came to me 15 months ago. He came with a wheelchair because his back legs wouldn’t support him. He truly loved our walks, and that wheelchair gave him so many, as well as a lot of attention. He was well-known around the neighborhood.

“Eventually his front legs couldn’t take weight any more and he became something of an invalid. He never lost his joy of a good meal or his treats, or all the loving hugs and attention visitors always showered on him. He even finally accepted his feline brother and sister.

“Clyde finally got to the point where his inactivity was causing him additional problems, and he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I know he is now running and jumping with all his friends that have passed before, loving the earth under his feet. This is how I will always picture my handsome first white boxer boy, and will expect to see him again someday.”

~ Gayle K.