Dukie Boy – March, 2010

Dukie Boy crossed the Rainbow Bridge on March 18. His former name via NCBR was Bucky. He was an older gentlemen that was Betty’s boyfriend and became my never give up Super Dog. His biggest health challenge that he survived was removal of a 7 pound enlarged spleen the size of a basketball. He came back like a svelte puppy, He consistently pulled through every health challenge thrown at him, until the one last week. He succombed to pneumonia and challenges from an enlarged esophagus that wouldn’t allow him to swallow food or water. I miss him immensely as does Betty who looks for him constantly. Feeding time is not the same without looking over at him and seeing the drool machine with bubles on high flow pouring onto the floor as he patiently waited for his food. He was a quiet presence that will be missed forever. Dukie run free and drool away. 🙂