Harley – January, 2011

We never imagined we’d be writing this so soon, but sadly we are.
Harley came to us just over one year ago as “Gunner/Jamie”, the doggie with funky ears 🙂
We knew immediately that he was our Harley, and it was our priviledge to have him in our lives!
Loyal, protective, gentle with kids, energetic yet mellow, and the biggest cuddle-bug you could ever imagine.
Harley’s hobbies included eating faster than his stepbrother, jumping 6-ft straight up in the air, licking all the neighbourhood kiddies, knocking down the door whenever UPS came, and most of all, making sure his chin was firmly planted one inch from yours at all times!
His muscular frame and athletic prowess earned him the nickname “Beefcake”…and he was the sweetest, most loving Beefcake anyone could ever ask for.
We will miss our dear chunky monkey but forever cherish his memory.
Cheers to you sweet Harley! We will never forget your “happy howl” and HUGE hugs!