Milo – November, 2016

“It has taken me a while to be able to write about our Milo. He came to us 6 years ago in May 2010, as the test dog, as NCBR came to make sure our home was safe and suitable to adopt. We had selected another dog from the website, but upon meeting Milo we asked for him. In short order, Milo became a very important member of our family. He protected our home and had free reign inside the house and out in the backyard. He loved his walks every day and saying hi to the neighbors and the children who would come to greet him. He was always ready to go, first thing in the morning and just before dinner, in the evenings. We would start of walking and sometimes he would start to run. We would run as fast as we could, until we tired. As he was diagnosed with a form of blood vessel cancer and had a tumor in the right side of his heart, he still requested his walk, but he wasn’t able to go farther than down the street. He would stop and sniff the air and sometimes the flowers. Always reminding me of the book I read as a child, Ferdinand by Munro Leaf. Up until his last day, Milo loved unconditionally. His huge personality and his beautiful big eyes always looking right into yours when you called him, waiting to understand what you wanted to say. Now that you have crossed rainbow bridge, you can run again. Run like the wind, our Milo!”

~ Brenna O.