Misty – 2008

As 2008 comes to a close, it is with a sad and heavy heart that we will welcome 2009. Our sweet sweet Misty girl went to join her brother Reggie yesterday on the other side. I have never had the privilage of sharing my life with a more loving and peaceful soul. She came to us in 2001 out of a bad situation through Chico Boxer Rescue…she didn’t even know how to play and just be a dog. Her lot in life had been simply to pop out litter after litter, and was confined to a small kennel. Thankfully, she was rescued from that life and came to bless ours. She just soaked up the love and affection like a sponge.. I will never forget those huge brown eyes gazing up at me with so much love and adoration.

For the last year and a half, she had been battling kidney disease and with special diets and encouragement, she was able to fight the battle for some time. Unfortunately, it became tougher to keep food down, and even have the desire to eat at all. We were happy that she was able to celebrate Christmas with all the family but she was letting us know that she was just getting too weary to continue on. She went to sleep peacefully in my arms yesterday at 5:30 with her “dad” at her side and our vet helping her along. It was so tough for us to make this decision, but the best for her, so out of love we let her go.

So my sweet Misty girl, we know you are happy now and that we gave you the best life you could have had..we miss you terribly but know you are with all of your boxer buddies and brothers and sisters. Rest in peace.