Olive – July, 2010

NCBR pulled Olive one day after the shelter asked us to get her because she had been hit by a car, telling us she had a fractured pelvis and femur. Unfortunately, when NCBR got Olive, she was already five days post injury making the pelvic fractures difficult to fix. Her injuries were extensive – multiple fractures of the pelvis with multiple displacements including pelvic bone impinging on the colon – compression fracture of L5 – femoral head fracture and other smaller issues. NCBR hoped to fix Olive’s fractures but when we got Olive to our vet, we found out that Olive had neurological damage that would make her unadoptable and this damage was probably permanent as a result of the pelvic fractures. Olive was in a lot of pain and had been since her injury. Because of the neurological damage and the pain, NCBR helped Olive to the Rainbow Bridge. We hope Olive is now enjoying the love she never had on this side.

Dog speed, Olive. Rest in peace.