Miss Seven – 2008

Miss Seven passed on July 15th. The sinus carcinoma finally won out, but Seven was a trooper to the end.

I wish to thank you for allowing me to have the greatest gift; the gift of Seven!! We had four joyful years together. I love her so deeply and miss her beyond expression. She and I become a fully integrated unit, I understood her needs & her communications fully; she was exquisitely in-tune and responsive to me and my needs. There has never been a better companion or a more loving and loyal pal than her. I am so grateful for having had this marvelous gift.

I am slowly recovering based on the realization that Seven’s struggle for something as simple as breathing fresh air is over. I have deep hurt to deal with. I wish I could have had her a little longer, for me, she was perfection, truly. The best of the best.

Again, thank you for trusting me with her care over four years ago.

Take care,