Sadie – January, 2010

Merline, one of our wonderful foster moms and transport volunteers, lost her Sweet Sadie (AKA Minnie) last night. It was a very sudden loss, no signs of illness, she just fell of her spot on the couch and died. Minnie was an older girl who had multiple lumps and grey hair when she came to NCBR. The lumps where so frequent that where removed from the vet hospital for learning purposes. Her tongue hung out and left great wet spots were ever she lay. She was almost all grey and no one could see their way to loving her except Merline and her family…who adopted her to make Sadie their own. She lived two glorious years with Merline, her sons, grandchildren in the afternoon and Fanny Mae by her side on the couch. She was a Lucky dog and Merline feels blessed to have had her.