Sundance Kid – March, 2018

Sundance Kid

“Sundance Kid adopted at the about the age of four on 01/24/09. Thanks NCBR for bringing us together and to whoever named him Sundance.

“Sundance started out a diamond in the “ruff” and quickly glowed in every way possible. He completed my family which consisted of Lulu Girl and me. He was very affectionate, loved everyone he met and always ready for a meal. He was quite a talker too. He loved to be everywhere I was and accompanied me on all of my local travels. He was a good travel companion. He was almost 4 year cancer survivor.

“He truly was one big hunk of doggie love and I will miss him dearly. He made my heart grow.

“He galloped off into to the sunset on 3/30/18, Good Friday, to be with his Lulu Girl.”

~ Connie L.

Sunny thank you for the sunshine bouquet
Sunny thank you for the love you brought my way
You gave me your all in all
And now I feel 10 feet tall
Sunny one so true
I love you