Swedee – December, 2014

Swedee (fka Hailey) found her fur-ever home in time for Christmas! Thank you, Nancy & Tony H., for adopting!

One Year Update

Hello, I wanted to send you a recent picture of our little girl.  Her name now is Swedee instead of Hailey.  She still runs like the comet though.  We are so happy with her and she is so good. What a love to have found such a great dog.  She gives us so much love and fun and of course gets double that in return.  She is very protective here in the house but is always ready for company.  I think she thinks they have come to see her. She finds a bug, or spider in the house and growls until we come and take care of it.  She has been a perfect dog and we are so thankful for the northern Cal Boxer rescue for finding her and letting her come to us.  She gets a 2 mile walk every morning with Tony and of course a few short ones off and on during the day.  We have the back fenced and she sure does run when she gets her “zoomies” during the day.  Again our many thanks for you both and hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year.  Thank you again for all your good work.

~ Nancy & Tony H.

Four Year Update

We could not have wished for a better dog. She should have been named Shadow as she follows us everywhere!  She loves to work with us, happy to ride in car on short or long trips, loves when people come to visit but is ready to protect us from anyone she does not know. We love the best dog ever! Thanks to you for letting us adopt her.

~ Nancy & Tony H.