Thunder – May, 2016

It took me all day to be able to write this, but I had to help Thunder find his way across the rainbow bridge. His hip dysplasia had gotten so bad that he just couldn’t walk any more. It was the toughest things I’ve ever had to do and I miss him already. I’m sure Storm does also. We got him about 6 years ago from boxer rescue with callouses on his stomach from being kept outside on concrete. He had a much better life with us although Storm tortured him when she was a puppy and somehow he still loved her. She bit his ears so much playing with him that both ears were not much more than scar tissue and he handled it without a whimper. He didn’t like the cat much but quickly learned to ignore her. Thunder was very smart and learned everything after only a lesson or two. He was a terrific dog and the only one in the house that knew I was the boss! Thank you Nor Cal Boxer Rescue for allowing Thunder to be a loving part of our family. Enjoy life across the rainbow bridge where you have no more pain and can run and jump again. RIP my friend!

~ Brian O.