Thurman – October, 2010

When I met Thurman (aka Mr. T.) he was a very scared 3 year old white deaf boxer. He came to me as a foster and stayed for the rest of his life – the best six years of my life. Mr. T. had not been socialized very well so the two of us spent many hours in the local pet stores meeting other dogs and humans. After a year or so he finally was comfortable with humans and would only deal with dogs when they were not on “his turf”.

He loved to play with the neighborhood kids, chasing the lawn mower and water from the hose. He also loved playing tug-of-war with his buddy BJ (my son).

I will forever miss the tapping of his nails on the hardwood floor, the sound of the flap on the dog door as he went in and out and I’ll especially miss his howling and butt wiggle as he greeted me when I came home.