Carter – July, 2016

I will never forget meeting Carter for the first time. Upon my arrival, after he had been at a shelter for several days, then the vet clinic where he had 3 surgeries, Carter pulled on his leash to get to me like he knew I was there to take him home and be his new mom! For a dog that had been abandoned by the people he depended on, under-fed and in discomfort for several untreated conditions, he was willing to trust again and ready for his new life of love and comfort.

Carter brought such joy to our household with his sweet and willing disposition. He was always ready to go for a walk and got really excited about going for a car ride to explore a new park. I will miss snuggling with him on his giant, orthopedic dog bed that he loved, and the happy, nub wiggling, eye twinkling greetings from him when I came home. It was a privilege to care for this sweet boy and hold him when he peacefully went to sleep. I will never forget him. He was worth every tear I will cry. Now run free sweet Carter, without pain, over the Rainbow Bridge.

~ Kim H.