Daisy – November, 2016

Daisy: December 2007 – November 2016
(aka: Boo, Wiggle Butt, Daisy Dukes, Daisy Mae, Oopsy Daisy, Stubborn Girl, Sweetheart)

I met Daisy in December 2007. I drove to her foster family in Santa Rosa, took her for a walk and asked her: “Well, what do you think?” She gave me a (now famous) side-eye glance and I thought: “Well, ok then. Let’s go home.”

While I was finalizing the adoption I could not have known that she would move into my heart, take up residence, and enlarge it to make room for a love and gratitude that I had never known.
How lucky I am to have had this furry partner who made me smile and laugh every single day for 9 (nine!) years.

She was fierce, gentle, expressive, generous, wise, goofy & loyal and she made me want to be my best self. I am grateful to the moon and back that she shared the remainder of her life with me.
This past Wednesday Daisy passed peacefully at home with me and Mark Madeo at her side. It was the hardest decision I’ve ever made. But, she was the most loving and courageous being I have ever known. And I am grateful to understand that ending her pain and suffering was the most loving thing I could do for her.

The grief is immense and my heart is broken, but Daisy is still in it.That’s how I know it will be ok.
Hug your pets today, folks. Hug ’em often.

~ Kim M.