Gemma – June, 2017

“It is with a heavy heart that I report Gemma has crossed the Rainbow Bridge to run fast and free with Santos waiting for her on the other side. She was my best Baby Girl that I adopted from NCBR in 2007, she was beautiful and had obviously just had a litter of puppies recently when I adopted her. Someone had spent money on her, her ears were beautifully done and she was well behaved and knew all the commands, can’t imagine that she ended up on the streets of Stockton and nobody came looking for her.

“I was the lucky one to have been able to give her her forever home, she was the happiest girl, always waking up to greet me with a waggie tail and silly smile, snored like a freight train and made silly little snorts. She was fast friends with Santos, my NCBR boxer boy who I adopted in 2004, then with Lucca my current WCBR adopted boxer boy. She amazed the Dr’s who diagnosed her with a lung tumor over 2 yrs ago, they told me she would probably not last a couple weeks to a couple of months, she had other plans and lucky for me graced me with her beauty, gracefulness and loving spirit until just a few days ago when she was to tired to fight anymore. Today she peacefully passed to run fast and free and will forever be in my heart…RIP Baby Girl!!!”

~ Barbara T.