Jones – March, 2018


“Jones was truly one of a kind. He was a kind, loving, and patient (except at meal or walk times!) dog. Jones was with us for only 8 months but he made such an impact on us and all his friends.

“We took Jones on many adventures such as hiking, camping, river days, and every where else I went. As long as he was coming with me he did his happy dance. Jones throughly enjoyed coming to work with me, where he would keep his head just far enough out in the hall that everyone would come to visit him. Jones had quite the large fan club, including those of all ages. He provided us with numerous laughs everyday and we miss him terribly.

“It will take me a very long time to be able to wake up and not expect him to immediately jump in bed and kiss my face until I put him in a bear hug and cuddle him for a few minutes before starting the day.

“I want to thank NCBR and especially Karen, for all of their hard work, attention and resources they provided to keep Jones the happy dog he deserved to be.”

~ Breanne C.

Jones was one of our senior fosters and we’d like to give a huge THANK YOU to Breanne for giving him the home and love he deserved. ❤