Kanga – November, 2015

Kanga came to us at one year of age in 2006. Her foster family named her Kanga because she jumped like a Kangaroo. We kept the name of course! She was a small girl with the softest fur. She was a great companion to our other boxer, Max. She loved being the boss, going for car rides and walks. After Max left us in 2011, we got another boxer, Clancy, from the Napa Animal shelter. They were great buddies and of course, she was the boss. She endured many surgeries for cancerous tumors in her hind quarters but always recovered well. In August, 2015, Clancy crossed the bridge and about a week later Kanga started to show signs of distress. Two months later, she was diagnosed with an aggressive cancerous brain tumor and so we let her go in peace. She is sorely missed. Thank you NCBR for all that you do and for allowing us the joy of this little girl.
~ Barbara B.