Max – November, 2015

Max (aka Maxi Bear)
Barely a year after he entered our lives, Max (aka Maxi Bear) crossed over the rainbow bridge to join his NCBR brothers and sisters. His first nine plus years were hard but he had the good fortune to be picked up by the Front Street Shelter who then called NCBR. Because of his advanced age and a host of health problems, his chances of getting a home were slim to none. We knew this and opened our door, nursing him back to health and giving him his first taste of real love, comfort, and safety. He put on at least 25 pounds, found his voice, and became lord of the manor during his brief time with us. He helped us say good-bye to our old boy Luther and hello to the old gal Olga, another NCBR senior. He was a good old dog and taught us that rescued seniors do indeed make the best friends ever. He died peacefully on a warm bed in the arms of love. Dogspeed, dear Max, run free and say hi to the others for us.
~Susannah M.