Miles – April, 2011

We got Miles from NCBR 5 years ago and these have been the best five years of our lives. My best friend left us yesterday suddenly. Miles was diagnosed with congestive heart failure on New Years Eve. He has been doing really well. Last Thursday, he was having heart trouble again. We changed hismedicine and he seemed to be doing fine. I dropped him off at my husband’s parents house yesterday and said goodbye to him for the last time. He was hanging out with my father in law in the yard, digging and chasing squirrels. He suddenly fell and passed away. Both my husband and I have learned so much from him. He was one in a billion and I never treated him any different and I let him know that he was soloved EVERY DAY. I was just telling my husband the night before he passed that Miles and I spoke the language of love. He taught us not only unconditional love, but how to have fun his style, that no matter how crappy of a day I had, there is someone who is always happy to see me. Because of him I have gone to different places and met friends that I never would have had the opportunity to know. If there is anything I am thankful for in his passing, it is that it was quick and he did not suffer. My Miles did not deserve to be in pain. I hope my dad and Hoover were up there to greet him and welcome him. I don’t understand why God has to take the good ones so early. Miles did not deserveto go so soon. Miles was there for me every day this summer after my dad passed away. He comforted me and was with me through some of the darkest times. Our house is very quiet. I hardly slept last night but at one point I was woken up by the sound of his collar in my head. What a terrible thing to realize in the middle of the night that he is not here anymore and that henever will be. Miles was the best dog and I will never forget him, the way he smells, his big heart, and his love for me and everyone he met. Love you Big Miles.