Nick – October, 2012

On Wednesday October 24, 2012 our family said until we meet again to our sweet boy, Nick, as he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Nick was a very lovable boy. He was so soft, had the biggest eyes and just made you want to give him hugs and love. Nick was very smart, so calm and quiet and just wanted to snuggle or at least be very close. When Nick first came to us he was horribly skinny and needing love. He ate, he filled out and he became a knockout of a dog! Everyone that met him fell in love with the beautiful boy. How could you not? Nick was a stunner, so handsome! We think he knew it as he pranced rather than just strolled. And, he just wanted to please and be a good boy…anything to get a scratch or a pat. Nick liked his walks or even better a ride to anywhere. He knew the house routine so well…go out, come in, hop in crate and get a cookie…then go to bed. Nick slept on one of our boys’ beds every night that he could. Often he put himself to bed. Nick left us right before Easter to go to what we thought was his forever home but he came back to us a few months later. We somehow knew that we were his forever home and that was more than ok. He loved his people and he loved his “pack” and we all loved him right back. Nick was awesome. We will really miss our sweet boy. Run free Nick!