Titus – November, 2012

2001 – 2012

It doesn’t seem so very long ago that our family saw a dog named Colonel on the Nor Cal Boxer Rescue web. My husband was the one that saw him first and we made the fateful call to go see him. When we got there, my husband talked to Brad who was fostering. I made my way up the driveway and there I saw him. He looked at me with a waging tail and gave me a soft woof. I fell in love with Titus at that moment. It didn’t matter that we walked around the block or anything else after that. That was in 2001 January.

This November 3rd, 2012 we said our last good by to Titus who lost his battle with cancer.

It was an unbelievable joy to have had him. He was always full of surprises. When we got him, he was about 40lbs and underweight but we thought he was full-grown. An additional 40lbs and a growth spurt of 4″ made him a large dog but oh so very gentle. He loved children and all people. A good watchdog but a real lap dog when watching TV. He loved to play and would jump over legs and furniture. He brought joy to our house and it’s very empty now without him.

I’m sure that he is indeed in that special doggie heaven, as he did not have a mean bone in his body. He gave so much love to this family. He is greatly missed. Sweet Dreams my Big Puppy.