Quinn – January, 2015

Quinn, formerly known as Mayor Quimby, came to us in February 2011. Terribly undisciplined, not fully house trained and minimally socialized, he had a serious condition that was first diagnosed as advanced bone cancer. After a critical night at the emergency vet hospital he was re-diagnosed as having a severe bone infection, likely resulting from an old untreated wound. He pulled through that night, and after 3 months of antibiotics he was cured. Within a month the formerly unruly Mayor Quimby, now dubbed “The Mighty Quinn,” was hosting his first foster. In the years following Quinn helped a number of foster “roommates” find their way to better lives: Zoey, Sydney, Kalli, Frannie, Dobby, Huckleberry, Kobe and Ingo. Quinn provided guidance and companionship, gave swimming lessons and shared his toys and treats. He showed all what it meant to be a great pet.

Quinn was loved by all who met him. We miss his gentle, quiet presence, his little “soft shoe” dance, his snore and his big eyes peering out from over the back of the couch – a little move we called “Creepo-ing.”

We miss you Quinnie and will remember you always.