Sassy – March, 2016

We said goodbye to our sweet Sassy this morning. She rescued us from our dogless status in July 2011. She wriggled her way into our hearts the first time we met her and she will remain there forever. We only wish we had been blessed with more than 4 years with her.

Sassy was a couch potato through and through. She could always be found on the furniture. She moved between the beds in the house at night depending on who she thought needed her snuggles.

Sassy had more than 20 mast cell tumors removed during her time with us. The scars made her look like a fighter, but she was a lover! In the end it was an autoimmune disease that took her from us. She is already missed terribly.

We are grateful to NCBR for saving her and letting us love her. She will always be missed.

~Jennifer M.