Scout – September, 2018


September 22, 2018 we said ’til we meet again’ as Scout crossed the Rainbow Bridge with a huge piece of each of our hearts. We got her as a little peanut (about 2.4 lbs) and her brother in the summer of 2011 and she grew to be our scorpion protector, raising her white tipped tail whenever she felt there was a “threat” to her home or family. Everyone (NCBR) was so worried about her because she was so tiny, but what she lacked in size, she more than made up with her attitude, and she had the heart of a lion! Scout was fierce and did everything in a big way. Cloudy, alum 2/2011, taught her and her brother, Lucky, to play nicely and be good dogs. Scout looked up to our big male, Shiner, and was his mini me. They even had the exact same markings down to a brindle patch over their hearts. We adopted out Lucky to a good boxer Dad but I was so bonded with Scout I couldn’t part with her. She was my girl. Our family loved her and we needed to make her a Jones. She was incredibly loyal to her family and her dogs. Scout was so smart, the top of her class at school, and teacher’s pet. Scout loved to do silly things like run laps around our dining table, roll down our grassy hill, scoot along the floor by the couch on her back, and was quite a talker. She would need to touch you by standing behind and lean the back of your legs or snuggle you in bed. She loved to eat corn when playing with us or attack Daddy’s boots or work gloves.

Scouty was our awesome girl and we all miss her every day.

~ Luree J. & family