Panda – December, 2018


When we said goodbye to our precious Panda Bear she was 12 ½ years old, but we only had her for 5 ½ of those years. Not long enough.

While not technically an NCBR alum, we found her on their Courtesy Listing page. We called the owner and discovered that she was only a mile or two from us, so we stopped to see her on our way to Sacramento to visit another boxer that we had scheduled a visit with. We loved her immediately and apparently she loved us, since she jumped right into our open car. It was meant to be. We cancelled the other meeting.

We took her home that day and she plugged right into our lives. We learned all about boxer kidney-beaning, and wooing and bubble blowing from Panda. We later joked that she was our “gateway” boxer as we kept adding more boxers to the crew. We loved and pampered her, she went camping, hiking and kayaking with us, and we will miss her every day. RIP beautiful girl.

~ Kristi W. & family