Tahoe – December, 2018


In August 2010, we adopted Tahoe through your wonderful organization. He was the best dog we could ever have. Last December 2017 we had a tumor removed. This fall Tahoe developed many tumors, virtually over night. Due to the number of tumors and Tahoe’s age, our vet would not operate because it would be too hard on our old buddy. On December 8th, it became apparent that Tahoe was uncomfortable and in pain. He had lost his zest for life. Our wonderful vet helped ease Tahoe over the rainbow bridge. Upon entering the room, Tahoe laid down next to us and placed his head in my husband’s lap. He was letting us know he was ready. I thought we were rescuing a dog, but in reality, Tahoe had chosen and rescued us.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to adopt Tahoe. I know, when the time is right, we will be back to see if another boxer will choose us for their forever home.

~ Sara G. & family