Shelby – May, 2012

In November 2001, with the help of NorCal Boxer Rescue, we welcomed Shelby into our family. She fit in immediately, and stole our hearts even faster. Her favorite activities were sunning herself on the deck, announcing the arrival of the postman, and dancing with her daddy. She shared our home with her pug brother, Gus, and later with her second pug brother, Otto.

Shelby was turned into the pound with no information but her name. We decided that Shelby was a fine name for this lovely girl, and she agreed. We feel honored to have had her with us for 10 1/2 of her 12 years.

Shelby was blessed with good health for most of her life. She needed eye ointment twice a day during the last two years of her life, but she was just fine with that and always enjoyed the treats that followed. Almost a year ago, a tumor began to grow in her lip. It was a very slow growing, low level malignancy that would not metastasize. But it quickly became infected, and the oncologist and surgeon said it was inoperable due to the location. We thought Shelby was near the end, but our family veterinarian suggested that we try holding a wet compress with table sugar against the tumor a couple of times a day. We tried it, and it worked like a miracle! The tumor was no longer an issue.

But, sadly, just as she neared her 12th birthday, Shelby began to lose strength in her back legs. In a matter of days, she lost all feeling in her hind quarters and was a very unhappy girl. All indications pointed to a spinal tumor. The fact that she was so disabled and so obviously unhappy made it absolutely clear what had to be done, and there is comfort in knowing that she didn’t have to endure a slow, drawn out decline. She left us peacefully, surrounded by mommy and daddy who stroked her, kissed her and told her what a good girl she was.

Our home feels empty without our Dancing Girl, but we feel so blessed to have had her with us for so long. We did our best to give her a great life, and she gave us a lifetime of love.