2016 SYM Team Member: Faye B.

Faye B.

“We are a joint mother, daughter team and we are strutting for all of the fosters that we have helped and those that are still in shelters. My siblings and I encouraged my mom to start fostering with NCBR after our beloved boxer Callie went to doggy heaven in 2013. Myself and my Boston Terrier mix, Charlie, have helped and assisted in the fostering of 11 fosters throughout the almost 3 years with NCBR. We will be strutting this year with Mojo, the most recent foster and Charlie, who thinks he is a boxer too.”

You can help Faye support us at http://bit.ly/FayeLovesBoxers.

Or you can join the NCBR team at www.strutyourmutt.org/goto/NCBR.