2016 SYM Team Member: Jon A.

“My family and I have had the great pleasure of helping NCBR with its mission to rescue deserving boxers from high kill shelters these past several years. NCBR is an organization deeply committed to finding great forever homes for these boxers, and fostering is wonderful because we know that we have provided safe haven for dogs that might have met a cruel fate, and we get to participate in the joy of matching them with great adopters.

“Fostering also gives us an unrushed window to the dog’s true personality, and understanding their needs and proclivities leads to a much better match with prospective adopters.

“We lost our forever dog Charlamagne about a year ago. Charlamagne was our 7th foster dog and our first “failed foster”. Charlamagne helped us foster many more boxers and she earned the title “boxer whisperer” for her ability to make them feel safe and welcome and also taught them her way of living in the home and earning great treats. She never could quite understand why applicants came and always took her friends away but never seemed to select her- I hope we made her feel OK about that!

“We have been fostering Elf these past couple months and he has just now become our latest failed foster. He is the sweetest boy, gets along with all dogs and has agreed to leave our cats alone even though he says its against his nature to do so. He was turned in to a shelter with a badly broken leg and by the time NCBR was notified about him it was too late to save the leg. NCBR not only performed the unfortunately necessary amputation of his leg, they also took care of a variety of other expensive procedures on him because that’s what they do!

“I will be proudly showing Elf off to the rescue community at this Sunday’s “strutt your mutt” event in San Francisco. Come on out for the event and meet us!

“Please consider supporting NCBR with a tax deductible donation its an excellent cause and an organization that will use your support to make a real difference.”

You can help Jon support us at http://bit.ly/JonLovesBoxers.

Or you can join the NCBR team at www.strutyourmutt.org/goto/NCBR.