Kai – December, 2016

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you, Kai’s supporters, that Kai passed over the Rainbow Bridge today.  He had an initial improvement with the anti-fungal drugs but has since had no change.  He has continued to not want to eat and to lose weight, and although he was content to lie on his bed all day, he did not seem to enjoy much in life.  Our veterinarian now believes that we would never see Kai get any better, so he recommended that we say goodbye.  The clinic staff loved Kai and gave him the best care and copious amounts of love over the last five and one-half weeks.

These types of decisions are very difficult to make.  None of us volunteers for rescue because we want to euthanize dogs, but sometimes it is the decision that needs to be made.  Nonetheless, it breaks my heart to have to let them go.

~ Karen