Max – November, 2013

Max was a survivor.

Max was a Warrior and lived to lead and protect his pack.

Max was unbelievably smart and determined and tenacious: He leapt fences. He defeated cages. He opened closed doors with his mouth. He opened a five foot high window before jumping through the screen, then escaped over the fence of a helpful neighbor until the Humane Society showed up, at which time he jumped back over the fence in to the arms of the surprised and amused officer. He figured out how to raid the fridge and neither duct tape or cheap locks or a barrier of chairs could stop him.

Prozac helped Max to chill out. Conditioning him to be ok in a reinforced steel cage w plenty of treats and toys also helped.

Max was special. He adored us and we loved him right back. Boxers always want to be close but Max had a special way of snuggling, looking deep in your eyes and telling you unequivocally how much he needed and appreciated your love, especially when you scratched one of his many tickle zones behind the ears, or his head, chest, back, legs or belly.

We miss you Max and we will always remember and be grateful for the love and affection you gave to us.
~ Jon, Staci, Cadence and Buddy.