Ogden – April, 2014

We were looking for a companion for our dog Ludia and we reached out to Norcal Boxer rescue.. On 7/29/2008, we received the call that a boxer (Dog in need#53) was on the E-List and needed to be rescued. We went to the Stockton pound with the intent to save and foster this boxer. We immediately fell in love with him and decided he needed a proper name, so Ogden or Oggy for short was chosen and we adopted him. He was scared but so sweet and was relieved to finally have a home. We gave him tons of attention, love and gradually transitioned him with Ludia. She of course being a female boxer kept him in check but they formed a close bond and lived a very great life together! We are certain Ogden had no idea such a good life was possible without the help of NCBR and our loving home. He was the star of many holidays, Christmas cards, enjoyed camping, walks & hiking and especially the peaceful naps to and from each place. He loved to follow his Mom around, he got the nickname Shadow because he could always be found in hers. He had the sweetest temperament and would melt everyone’s heart that encountered him. Quick with a wiggle butt, lots of licks and kisses and always good for snuggle time. This guy had many nicknames all of which made him wag his tail “soggie oggie” or “tubby tons”. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy in December of 2013; the awesome cardiologist team at UC Davis enabled him to stay with us for five more months until he passed on April 9, 2014. He sure was loved by everyone and we miss him dearly. The good thing is, Ogden crossed the rainbow bridge with a whole new positive perspective about people, experienced love and ended up having a wonderful life; what more could any creature ask for!