Princess – July, 2012

Princess came to me from NCBR as a foster dog, along with her brother, in 2003. They were between 1 and 2 years old at the time. My predecessor boxer (our 7th), Kayla, had passed due to old age a few months earlier, and the family Pug, Libby, was not enjoying being alone and was delighted with the two new companions. I successfully interviewed forever families for Princess’ brother. Due to problematic environments, and sometimes cats, I was not able to place Princess for an extended period of time. When no other home was good enough, I did the logical thing and adopted her. Libby was pleased to resume her role as Personal Pug to a Boxer. My children were late teens at the time and ecstatic to keep this wonderful kind natured dog in our family. “The Prin” enjoyed the privileged life of “Modern Boxer Living” if there were such a magazine, including her usual throne on her Italian leather sofa. As the years went by, We went from a single mom/teen household, to an empty nester, to a new Boxer dad in the picture. His stated reason for wanting to get married was because he loved my dogs and we continue to share our love of animals. With a life of squirrel chasing, walks in the park, coffee at grammas with her Yorkie, dinners and playtimes with Chihuahuas at a friend’s, and the ever attentive grooming by her Personal Pug, Princess aged well and remained healthy until suffering a mild stroke in 2011. She passed quietly and peacefully at home July 8, 2012. The Prin is missed and remembered lovingly. Our strong commitment to NCBR and its efforts to leave no Boxer behind, will be her legacy.