Sarah – July, 2012

Sarah came to us in 2010. Lucky for Sarah she had never known abuse of any kind. Hers was a special story. She gave her all to her first owner who loved her dearly, but due to her own health issues could no longer keep her. She then lived with her foster moms for a year who loved her dearly as well.

Having just lost our 11 year old boxer to cancer we were not going to have another,(because of the heart ache) until we saw Sarah. She had to be the sweetest personality I’ve ever seen. Full of love and affection. She spent two years with us. During that time she managed to get lost and survive out side in very cold weather for 3 days (this an indoor dog!pet sitter FIRED!), went on many trips, moved from the snow country to Oregon and made many friends along the way. One of her best friends was a little boy who lives around the corner. While I walked Sarah every day she was getting a little chunky so Nolan would walk her every afternoon. If we were going to be out late he would come over and keep her company for awhile. They had great times together.

Due to her prior life style, Sarah had to be one of the quitest boxers I’ve ever known (she was my 3rd). She demanded nothing (except her food) and greeted all who came as if they were her very best friend. She will be sorely missed. Have fun, Miss Sarah, enjoy the rest of time on the other side of the rainbow bridge. We love you and miss you.