Wesley – July, 2012

The shelter told NCBR that Wesley was not able to walk and that he was emaciated. We could not let Wesley die at the shelter without giving him at least a chance – such a sweet boy

When Wesley got to our vet, he was walking but the vet noted he was very guarded in his movement and his rear end was very weak. We did pelvic and back X-rays to see if we could identify the problem. The x-rays showed mottling of the bone on multiple vertebrae, part of the pelvis and five of his ribs. When we had the x-rays sent to a radiologist, the radiologist diagnosed multiple myeloma which was consistent with the level of pain Wesley was experiencing.

Wesley went to a foster home with pain meds and steroids to try to control the pain, but to no avail – after four days being loved by his new foster parents, we let Wesley pass to a place that his horrible bone pain would no longer exist. Wesley was a very brave and sweet boy who brought happiness to all he came in contact with in his short time with us.

Thank you to NCBR for giving Wesley a chance and allowing his to cross over the bridge in the arms of his foster family, albeit a short time with them. He knew he was loved.