Rachel – August, 2016

“Rachel came to us on June 27, 2016.   She was very, very sick but you would never know it. She ran circles around our yard and enjoyed playing with her foster sisters, smiling the entire time. We thought she would get better just being in a home environment while feeling the love of our family.

“After countless tests, diets, medications and surgeries, we were out of options. NCBR did not want to give up on her but the vets told us there was nothing more they could do for this little peanut. Consequently, we had to say goodbye to beautiful Rachel.  We gave her a hamburger and an ice cream cone, took her for a long walk and showered her in kisses and love. RIP Rachel girl.

“The staff at ACC has been nothing short of amazing and NCBR did everything they could.”

~ Cheri R. (Rachel’s foster mom)