Carrie Sage

In Honor of Zephyr & Judo and all the love they gave us from Nike, the little girl that cuddled you two while you were sick and our new wiggle butt member Leo! who we will be adopting soon. We will always have Boxers in our home.

Carrie Sage11.29.16
With love, Michelle, Melinda and Ron

To our 3 favorite NCBR alums… Leroy, Sammy and Lola, we miss you everyday and can’t wait to fetch, run, snuggle and wiggle with you again someday on the other side of the Bridge. You made us laugh until we cried each day we had with you!

With love, Michelle, Melinda and Ron11.29.16
Donated on behalf of Paul & Lynn Corr

In Loving Memory of Macy Elizabeth “Sweet Pea”.

She will always be in our hearts.

Donated on behalf of Paul & Lynn Corr11.16.16

To honor Fenway Burkhouse Allen, a small donation to those Boxers that deserve a loving home, just like Fenway had!

From Dempsey and Bru Barnes11.01.16

Miss you bunches & bunches, my sweet smooshie-face. Sometimes, it’s so hard that you’re gone.


In loving memory of Walter, my first best friend and the reason I am involved in boxer rescue. I’ve missed him for five years today, but my love for him will never diminish.


In loving memory of Tasha, the bravest, most fiercely loving, and most joyful creature.  So full of life, she deserved more.  I miss her so much.


In loving memory of Lucky, the most angelic soul I’ll ever know.  His love was as precious as his time with us.  I miss my tender “Little Gorilla” more than words can say.

Joe & Kiera

Bruce was an extremely sweet and loving dog that was taken too soon, we are just glad we could give him a loving home and take care of him this past year.

Joe & Kiera08.28.16
With love, Kim & Lexi Mae

In memory of sweet Carter, who has forever touched our hearts.  

With love, Kim & Lexi Mae08.23.16

In honour of our lovely daughter, Kate Goldrick, on her birthday.

Mike and Dawn08.09.16
Mike & Jan Francis

Easy to love, hard to lose. Dog speed, Lola Francis.

Mike & Jan Francis07.12.16

In memory of Lola Francis who was an adorable and loving dog who will be sorely missed.
With love, Pat and Lydia

Donated by Pat & Lydia Barrett07.09.16
Love, Nicole and John

In loving memory of Lucy, that adorable, goofy, fun-loving sweetheart.

Love, Nicole and John04.30.16

In memory of Billy Lewis firefighter.

Kjersti and Emil Rebensdorf04.13.16

So sorry for the loss of Cali. We know she will forever be in your hearts and a part of your family.

Aurora, Mary K, Maureen & Jen04.08.16
Edye Kaanehe

In memory of Patrick Hunt.

Edye Kaanehe04.04.16
Rita Torres

In our hearts forever. In loving memory of Nitro & Bambi.

Nitro 5.11.15 and Bambi 6.13.15

Rita Torres03.25.16

In memory of William C. Lewis.

Donated By Marjorie Watson03.03.16
The Melvin and Geraldine Hoven Foundation by Denise and Robert Nigra

In memory of Sadie, NCBR alumni and Good Will Ambassador. We want to say so much about Sadie, but mostly that she was sweet, gentle, patient, and a clown. She brightened our lives and comforted us in sad times and good times. She was “Daddy’s girl” and mama’s little love. Her sudden passing left us bereft.

The Melvin and Geraldine Hoven Foundation by Denise and Robert Nigra02.08.16

In memory of Billy Lewis.

Anson Pursell02.29.16

We are so sorry to hear of Billy’s death. Billy was such a happy, joyful, and polite young man when we knew him in elementary school. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

The Jerry Whitten family02.28.16

We are honoring Billy by donating to a cause dear to his heart. The Lewis family will continue to be in our prayers as you deal with your loss.

R.J. & Janice Butterfield02.24.16
Lorie O.

Emma was our beautiful 85lb Boxer of 13 years she was my dog soul and was always by my side in good and bad times she was my big paws of pure love and joy in our and family’s lives. I still miss you dearly and now we have rescued Daisy Mae in your honor to carry on the Boxer tradition. I love you Emma Jean XOXO

Lorie O.02.24.16

We didn’t know Billy personally but we’d like to donate in his honor. As a person who suffers from PTSD myself, the demons can consume you in a heartbeat, I continue to pray for those suffering. As a boxer owner, I also know that this breed is the best and pray for all these babies!! Thank you and God Bless!

William Conrad02.20.16

For all the love that is Billie O’Connor.

Denise, Deanna, Retta, Ellarae, Jany02.10.16

To Sweet Little Mandy…..Your little journey brought you to the loving arms of the Northern California Boxer Rescue where your story was shared with all of us. You are now free to run and play and romp with all the little boxers who have gone over the Rainbow Bridge. We lovingly adopt you into our little boxer family which includes Rusty, Midgie and Maxwell who are already there to greet you on the other side of the Bridge.

Jim & Nancy & Bella02.09.16
With love, Grandma

In loving memory of Skoda, who during his time here on earth did some rescuing of his own.

With love, Grandma02.09.16
Your Conversant Family

To Patrick & Jefferson and their sweet girl Maggie. We are sending you love, strength & comfort.

Your Conversant Family01.22.16
Melissa Leal

Giving because my heart Meeko gave so much to me.

Melissa Leal01.10.16

My awesome sister, Mary,

Wishing you a happy birthday and great year filled with good health, lots of laughter and fabulous wine!

Love Shirley01.04.16












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