Jake – December, 2012

We lost our big handsome boy Jake, December 28, 2012. Happy and running the day before, within hours of the 28th we knew he was ill and after a valiant effort from the entire Veterinary Hospital & 2 Doctors we had lost him by noon. Rescued from a shelter, we were his second family and now we know why he…. he was meant to be with us. His first year had been isolated in a garage with little or no socialization so when we picked him up he had several issues and fears to work on. He bonded with our Ruby upon first sight. We tried to keep them apart the first day to help with the adjustment, but they wanted each other so bad that we said “OK, kids let’s see what happens” we removed the baby gate separating them and they have been the best of buds for the last 6 years.

Everything Jake did was larger than life. He went from a 0-10 on all emotions; ran fast, wiggled long and lanky, snored loud, big kisses, always had to have a toy in his mouth to give you when you came home, and the best snuggle bug ever. He was constant and trying at times, a definite guard dog but he wiggled his way so deep into our hearts that the void these days since his passing is vast. We will always love our “Muzzy”, our “Mr. Wiggins”, our “Handsome Boy” and are grateful he came into our lives and taught us so much. Run Free, Muzzy Man, I look forward to the day we are together again on the Rainbow Bridge.